Dugard To Bring New Brands to UK at MACH

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    Dugard To Bring New Brands to UK at MACH

    Dugard To Bring New Brands to UK at MACH
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 2:14:56 PM78 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    At the MACH 2020 exhibition, leading machine tool supplier Dugard, will demonstrate its most diverse and comprehensive range of machine tool options ever to be seen at MACH. On Stand 640 in Hall 20, Dugard will for the first time be introducing no fewer than four new product lines to MACH visitors.


    As well as its renowned and established market leading brands, Dugard will be introducing the new Hanwha brand of cost-effective, productive and extremely robust sliding head turning centres, the Hanwha series of collaborative robots, the recently announced IBARMIA line of heavy-duty 5-axis travelling column machining centres from Spain and the Kitamura range of extremely high-end machining centres.


    Alongside turning centres from the Hanwha stable that Dugard recently introduced to UK shores, and the established industry leading SMEC range; the Brighton Company will be showcasing no fewer than three Kitamura machining centres at MACH. Keen to establish a foothold among the very high-end machine tool vendors in the UK, the Kitamura line is the perfect complement to existing Dugard ranges. At MACH, Dugard will introduce the Kitamura MedCenter5AX 5-axis vertical machining centre, the MyTrunnion 4G and the HX250iG.


    The Kitamura MedCenter5AX 5-axis vertical machining centre is an extremely compact and versatile machine with an X, Y and Z axis travel of 254 by 330 by 330mm over a 170mm diameter table. It also incorporates a 30 to 30,000rpm spindle with a HSK-E40 spindle taper that is connected to a 40-tool ATC that can change tools in just 1.5 seconds. With industry leading tool to tool times, a rapid traverse of 50m/min (x, Y and Z-axis) and table rotation of 200rpm on the A and C-axis, this will undoubtedly draw the crowds at MACH.


    All this combines with linear and rotary scales, 67 million pulse encoder technology and 16mm pitch ballscrews that make this a highly productive proposition. It is also one of the most accurate machines in the market. With a positional accuracy of ±2 microns across the full stroke and a repeatability of ±1micron, the MedCenter5AX is certain to attract manufacturers of small, complex and highly accurate components.


    Alongside the MedCenter5AX and conducting live cutting demonstrations will be the Kitamura MyCenter-HX250iG. This 4-axis horizontal machining centre will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser at MACH with its twin pallet APC configuration that can drastically reduce set-up times for small, detailed, highly accurate and complex parts. With precision comparable to the MedCenter5AX and a compact footprint; the MyCenter-HX250iG has astounding rapid traverse rates of 60m/min that demonstrate its speed, precision and overall quality when compared to other leading brands in the industry.


    From an option perspective, the  MyCenter-HX250iG has a powerful 15,000rpm dual contact spindle with the option of a 30,000rpm HSK-E40 variant, an optional 10-Station APC system and an upgrade from 40-tool ATC to 102 ATC stations, Furthermore, like all machines from the Kitamura stable, the MyCenter-HX250iG can be fitted with the pioneering Arumatik CNC control system.


    Complementing both the MyCenter-HX250iG and MedCenter5AX at MACH 2020 will be the larger capacity Mytrunnion-4G. This 5-axis workhorse demonstrates both the precision and speed of the other Kitamura machines on show whilst providing a larger work envelope at 610 by 610 by 500mm. With options for a HSK-A63 spindle for the 15,000rpm 15HP direct drive unit, the Mytrunnion-4G is the perfect choice for ultra-high precision simultaneous 5-axis machining.


    As a company that is renowned for its service and support levels, Dugard will also have a full team of engineers at MACH that will be supported from technical staff from all its principal partners such as Kitamura, IBARMIA, Hanwha and SMEC. For further details, please contact Dugard or come and visit us on Stand 640 in Hall 20.


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