E-commerce Platform for CNC, AM Businesses

DigiFabster has released an e-commerce platform for manufacturing businesses to take sales online. It describes the solution as a plug-and-play, white label, software-as-a-service that allows customers to upload models and place orders. The platform is designed for CNC and AM businesses of all sizes.

Modern customers are used to shopping online and expect a fast and streamlined digital experience, says DigiFabster. Customers want shops to return quotes quickly, with 80% of customers opting to work with the shop that was first to respond to an RFQ, according to the company.

DigiFabster’s quoting software is designed to enable shops of all sizes to compete on tight turn-arounds, giving shops a digitized storefront where customers get the self-directed purchasing experience they expect. Manufacturers can add their own branding to provide a cohesive customer experience. “Providing your customers with a fast and easy way to place an order with your business is table stakes these days,” says DigiFabster CEO Constantine Ivanov. “We set out to create a ‘Shopify’ for the manufacturing industry so any shop of any size can stay competitive.”

The new e-commerce tool is said to offer shops a plug-and-play platform optimized for all screen sizes at full scale, with a streamlined interface and three-step ordering process. It also includes a large CAD and DFM model viewer for manufacturing checks (thin walls, holes, taps check, etc.) which allows customers to work with multiple models on the same screen simultaneously.

The company has plans to continue to add features, such as dynamic bulk pricing and discounts (available later this year) and integrated communications and collaboration tools (coming early 2022).

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