ARCH Cutting Tools takes out top place in ANCA’s third Tool of the Year competition

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    ARCH Cutting Tools takes out top place in ANCA’s third Tool of the Year competition

    ARCH Cutting Tools takes out top place in ANCA’s third Tool of the Year competition
    Wednesday 25 November 2020 9:07:03 AM174 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    With 28 entries, 1.2 million social impressions and almost 4500 votes, ANCA’s Tool of the Year loudly celebrates the contribution modern cutting tools make to manufacturing, surgery, woodworking and other diverse industries. For example, finalist Ocmandy’s tool makes the outside profile of the windows for the Louvre Museum in Paris. The competition shines a light on and celebrate these tools that shape our world.


    • ARCH Cutting Tools won the ANCA Tool of the Year with ZMK coming in as the runner-up in that category. ARCH designed a complex multi-functional tool measuring an inch in diameter with a long functional cutting length. The ARCH tool ticked every box to win the prestigious ANCA Tool of the Year 2020.
    • JG Group and Turcar both won the Virtual Tool category with entries that were so impressive, the Judges found it impossible to split JG Group and Turcar’s submissions. They agreed that both virtual tools were complex and demonstrated great use of different cycles and operations.


    Watch the #ANCATooloftheYear2020 live winner announcement:


    Pat Boland, ANCA Co-Founder said: “The cutting tool sector has faced a significant challenge with the onset of COVID-19. In these conditions it is even more important to promote and recognise our contributions as an industry. This year we saw the most complex and sophisticated entries to date. Having been part of the industry for over 40 years, the technical advancements demonstrated by cutting tool manufacturers continue to amaze.”


    “I think of ANCA’s Tool of the Year as the Oscars for cutting tools and am proud to take the time to recognise and reward the creativity and skill of manufacturers globally,” Pat continued.


    Winner of ANCA Tool of the Year – ARCH Cutting Tools

    The overall winner, ARCH’s entry demonstrated excellent use of multiple iGrind operations with several complex profiles. The tool came out in front of others when compared to the DXF and measured on the Zoller for Profile OD and Runout. The surface finish measurement on the Alicona produced a superb result. The tool also stood out in terms of complexity of grinding and was a large diameter (1”) multi-functional cutting tool with many features. Overall the tool was complete – ticking every box to be the Tool of the Year winner and was an exceptional effort from the team at ARCH.


    “We entered to present and showcase our capabilities as a cutting tool manufacturer and to demonstrate the complex capabilities of the ANCA Tool and Cutter Grinder,” said Jim Gray, President and General Manager, ARCH Cutting Tools – Latrobe. “Additionally, we entered to share with customers our own custom capabilities with solid carbide tools.


    Our entry was based on what we provide for our customers,” he added, “it’s multi-functional, providing the customer a single high-performance tool that’s multiple tools in one. A solution-driven tool, that reduces the need for tool changes and increases productivity, Jim concluded.


    Winners of Virtual Tool Category – JG Group and Turcar 

    Pat continued: “JG Group from Poland took a creative approach using an Australian theme of the Sydney Opera House reproduced in a profile tool, looking as impressive as a tool as it does in real life.”


    “Turcar’s tool amazed me in how they achieved their tool design. I had no idea our software could produce something as beautiful and as well executed as their entry.”


    “Both tools showed a high level of effort, artistry and creativity. When creating the Virtual Tools, both Turcar and JG Group used their imagination along with the power and flexibility of ToolRoom RN34 and CIM3D V9 to produce works of art,” Pat concluded.


    Grzegorz Reszka CEO, JG Group said: “Achieving the Winner status, among the world class tool grinding companies makes us more marketable and gives us exposure on new global markets. It was an amazing opportunity to present our capabilities to the wider audience, worldwide and evidence of what JG Group Experts can provide for our customers. Congratulations to all Participants and the Winners!”


    Tarık Öztürk, Chief Technology Officer at Turcar said: “This year we wanted to come up with something different and that is why we named our entry Katana, meaning the best work of the world – a value we brought to this competition.”


    The Tool of the Year must be a ground tool that is functional, high quality and complex. A panel of expert judges consider the surface finish, tolerance and functionality. This year the industry-first competition had two categories.
    Winner of ANCA Tool of the Year 

    ARCH Cutting Tools


    Runner Up – ZMK


    Winners of Virtual Tool Category 

    JG Group and Turcar



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