Working Together to Drive Out Waste – LEVC Case Study

LEVC, the firm behind London’s famous black taxicabs, partnered with Axil Integrated Services to improve waste process, maintain zero to landfill status, and drive out costs.

It was of prime importance to LEVC to improve housekeeping and compliance across their Ansty site, to ensure a clean and safe environment for staff, contractors, suppliers, and customers.

Following the roll-out of Axil’s Total Waste Management service in October 2020, LEVC are seeing impressive results:

  • 175 tonnes diverted from landfill
  • 97% waste recycled at source
  • 44% reduction in general waste
  • 136% increase in cardboard rebates
  • 212% increase in metal rebates

Commentating on the partnership, Craig Lea, Head of Maintenance, Group Facilities and HSE at  LEVC, said:

“At LEVC, we strive to be sustainable in all aspects of our operations and one of our key focuses has been improving our waste management at our Head Office and manufacturing facility in Ansty, Coventry.

“Partnering with Axil Integrated Services has helped us make significant improvements, with over 90% of waste now diverted from Landfill and an overall increase in recycling across our site. We plan to continue working closely with Axil to ensure the best levels of sustainability and efficiency in our waste management processes.”

Following a comprehensive waste review at the Ansty site, Axil identified opportunities for cost-saving through improved waste segregation, commodity rebates, on-site equipment, and improved management of hazardous waste.

So far this year, 30% of Axil’s waste service cost to LEVC has been covered by material rebates.

Waste challenges

Equipment previously utilised on-site at Ansty was out-dated and therefore inefficient. When Axil took on the waste management contract, they introduced new, more reliable, and state-of-the-art compaction and baling equipment across the site.

Improving Waste Segregation & Recycling

A coherent waste recycling system has been introduced with standardised colour-coded bins. New clear labelling has helped communicate to employees and site visitors which waste streams to place where, enabling LEVC to capture as many recyclables as possible and reduce general waste.

This improved approach to waste segregation has delivered a 98% increase in metals captured and segregated.

Improving Waste Data

Prior to Axil taking on the waste contract, waste data was not captured effectively. Without concise and accurate data, companies are unable to highlight where costs and cost-saving opportunities exist.

LEVC share Axil’s enthusiasm for innovative working to meet environmental targets.

As you might expect from the makers of next-generation electric vehicles, sustainability and the environment has been a cornerstone of LEVC’s growth. The LEVC factory and its processes have been designed to be green, with a 44% reduction in general waste tonnage in 2021.

Innovations & Waste Solutions

Axil believes that best value in waste management is achieved through increasing recycling levels, reducing waste to landfill and through understanding and improving waste handling methods both on and off-site.

LEVC has benefitted from the following innovations at the Ansty site:

  • The introduction of a new baler has meant LEVC are now baling more cardboard than ever, delivering greater rebates at higher values
  • Colour-coded bins and additional signage have been implemented across the site, to increase waste segregation and support recycling
  • Introduction of Axil HazPod™ – specialist, UN-approved 1100 litre hazardous waste bins were introduced to increase the capacity for hazardous waste on-site, reduce collection frequencies, provide cost reduction, and increase the mobility of containers around the LEVC site
  • Maximisation of commodity rebates – specifically from metals and plastic waste produced
  • Removed Hazardous and General Waste mixed loads – General waste is now sent to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), with residual waste sent for Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF).

Axil Integrated Services provides comprehensive and long-term business waste management services, ranging from waste recovery and recycling to treatment and disposal. Website:


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