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Our Insight video series will help you master digital manufacturing. Every Friday we’ll post a new video – each one giving you a deeper Insight into how to design better parts. We’ll cover specific topics such as choosing the right 3D printing material, optimising your design for CNC machining, surface finishes for moulded parts, and much more besides.

Below is a recap of our latest Insight videos, which you can also view alongside all of our previous videos on our website. Never want to miss an Insight video? Subscribe here!


Insight: DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering

In this video we begin by explaining how direct metal laser sintering, or DMLS, works. We look at the considerable advantages of the technology, but also its limitations. We look at how you can tweak your part design in order to get around some of the potential problems, such as overhangs, curved shapes, and lettering – all presenting issues that can usually be addressed with some handy tricks.


Insight: Elastomeric Manufacturing

In this video we look at liquid silicone rubber, or LSR, focusing on the advantages of using LSR from a manufacturing process, and on the characteristics of the material itself. We also look at other materials, such as TPE and TPV, which are ideal for use as grips for tools and medical devices – or for providing an interesting aesthetic for your overmoulded part.


Insight: Mastering Complex Machined Parts

In this video we look at complex machined parts, focusing on the five key things you need to keep in mind when creating a particularly complex part: hole placement, grooves, threading, milled text, and corners.


Insight: Prototyping with Polyjet

In this video we look at prototyping with Polyjet, one of the few industrial 3D printing technologies that allows the use of multiple materials in a single build. We look at the process itself and the advantages and disadvantages when using it for prototyping your part.


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