Sneak Peek – Contrinex M12 & M18 Metal-Bodied Photoelectrics Launch at SPS Exhibition

Sneak Peek – Contrinex M12 & M18 Metal-Bodied Photoelectrics Launch at SPS Exhibition

In a sneak peek of being announced at the upcoming SPS Exhibition in Hannover, Contrinex will launch metal-bodied M18 sized photoelectric sensors which feature the same exclusive ASIC technology as their plastic-bodied counterparts.

Contrinex’s plastic-bodied ‘M18PA’ sensors have proved to be very popular because they combine industry-leading performance with great pricing, and these new robust metal-bodied ‘M18M’ sensors are also likely to continue the success.

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Available in a choice of sensing technologies, with best-in-class sensing distances at highly competitive prices, they offer Diffuse sensing (up to 1.2m range); Reflex (up to 7m); Through-beam (up to 30m); and high-performance Background-suppression sensing (Up to 250mm distance).

The M18 sensors will also be joined by smaller M12 metal-bodied sensors, the ‘M12M’ family, which will utilise the same technology in Diffuse, Reflex and Through-beam sensing options.

Sharing Ecolab* approval with the plastic-bodied M18PA photoelectric sensors will enable the use of these sensors across a wide range of applications in the food and beverage sector. (*Ecolab approval is pending on the new M12M and M18M photosensors).

The additional robustness to mechanical shock and excessive vibration provided by the rugged chrome-plated brass (M12M) and stainless-steel (M18M) sensor housings can be utilised where required and work seamlessly alongside the plastic-bodied versions installed in less-demanding environments, like secondary-packaging.

Shatter-resistant PMMA optics not only enable their use in food and beverage and harsh environments but also focus the optical sensing beam and are key to the sensor’s high performance.

In line with Contrinex’s position as the manufacturer of the largest selection of sensors with IO-Link functionality, IO-Link is also offered as a no-cost option on the M12M and M18M sensors. The feature-rich IO-Link functionality provides real-time access to process data as well as user-configurable outputs, sensitivity adjustment, event flags, dual-channel operation and sensor-temperature measurement.

Designed with the needs of OEMs and System Integrators in mind, these new M12M and M18M metal-bodied photoelectric sensors offer cost-effective, yet highly capable solutions across multiple industry sectors, together with ease of use and high reliability.


Robust & reliable in harsh environments

️ Chrome-plated brass (M12M) or stainless steel (M18M) metal housings

Resistant to washdown & process fluids

Shatter-resistant PMMA optics, lighter & tougher than glass

Focused beam

‍ Exceptionally reliable detection

Preventative Maintenance alarm trigger

Long sensing ranges

Unrivalled price/performance ratio

️ -25°C to +65°C

️ IO-Link Ideal for Industry 4

Read more at, Click to download Contrinex’s C23PA & M18PA Series Photoelectric Sensor flyer, or Click to download Contrinex’s Product Overview brochure to find out more.

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