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    Midland Aerospace Alliance Conference 2020

    03/19/2020 8:00 am - 19/03/2020

    The world’s aerospace industry has experienced an unprecedented boom for the last fifteen years. Now, in 2020, we’re faced with the biggest threats to that growth since the early 2000s. How do we manage our way through all the opportunities and all the risks?

    These are the themes of this year’s MAA conference.

    While growth is still forecast to continue for decades to come, on the near term horizon there is an emerging constellation of risks we need to understand and master:

    • the risk of a global coronavirus pandemic disrupting air travel and airline profitability
    • the linked slowdown of the Chinese economy, a major driver of growth, with implications for global supply chains
    • serious technology issues on major aircraft programmes persisting
    • potentially rapid moves to disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing which could turn supply chains upside down
    • a growing public understanding of a climate emergency which may seriously effect whether consumers choose to fly

    And we may perceive a lull in all things Brexit, we need hardly add all the unknowns when it comes to mapping out post-Brexit Britain.

    So you can see why we at the MAA are keen for us all to learn from the experts, network with each other and hone our business strategies and tactics.

    • Wilmore Rd, Derby DE24 9BD
    • Wilmore Rd
    • Derby
    • DE24 9BD


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