Unlocking the Future of Manufacturing: FANUC’s 30kg Payload Cobot Game Changer at EMO 2023

Are you looking to revolutionise your manufacturing processes? Wondering how to adapt to rapidly changing product needs? Watch to discover FANUC’s game-changing cobot!

In this eye-opening video, Joe Reynolds from MTDCNC speaks to Manuel Ebner, Head of Sales Coordination Robotics at FANUC Europe. They delve into the capabilities of the FANUC Robot CRX-25iA, a collaborative robot that is making waves in the manufacturing industry.

The conversation covers why cobots like the FANUC Robot CRX-25iA are crucial for modern manufacturing. This specific model boasts an impressive 30 kg payload, adaptable software, and a versatile range of applications from machine tending to palletisation.

What sets the FANUC Robot CRX-25iA apart? It’s not just about payload; it’s about the entire package. With full IP67 coverage to handle dust, dirt, and liquids, and a slim design tailored for machine tending, this cobot offers unparalleled flexibility. Plus, its tablet programming functionality makes it incredibly user-friendly.

The FANUC Robot CRX-25iA comes with innovative software functionality like “Singularity Avoidance”, enabling more flexibility in palletising tasks. It can easily be integrated with both older and newer models of machinery, thanks to its compatibility with industrial standard interface protocols.

Want to learn more about how this cobot can transform your manufacturing processes? Click the link below to explore FANUC’s wide range of robotic solutions.

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