Unleashing the Power of Swiss-Machines

Are you on the hunt for an unbeatable Swiss-machine? Join Tony Gunn from MTDCNC as he dives deep with Ken Markham from HANWHA MACHINERY at PMTS 2023, Cleveland, OH. Discover the remarkable journey of HANWhA, from its explosive origins in 1952 to pioneering the CNC machine world in 1977.

Ken reveals why HANWHA stands out, especially with its specialization in heavy cuts ideal for the toughest materials.

Ever wondered how these machines are transforming industries like medical and dental? We’ve got answers! HANWHA’s commitment to precision is genuinely impressive.

Considering an investment? The machines’ unique construction and unmatched horsepower are compelling reasons.

For more details or inquiries about HANWHA machines in North America, reach out to JBM Technologies.

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