Platinum Tooling Introduces Quick Knurling and Marking Tools by Hommel & Keller to North America

Platinum Tooling is pleased to announce its role as the North American importer of the innovative Quick knurling and marking tools from Hommel & Keller. These tools are being showcased at Platinum Tooling’s booth and demonstrated on Miyano and Citizen lathes in the Marubeni booth.

The Quick product line offers advanced solutions for various knurling technology applications. Designed to meet high-quality standards and tackle challenging tasks, Quick knurling tools support both form knurling and cut knurling processes. They are available for a wide range of workpiece diameters, including small tools suitable for Swiss type lathes starting from 1.5 mm.

Quick marking tools enable rapid marking of workpieces on diverse surfaces and part geometries, with the flexibility to customize marking text through single marking segments. These tools come in two diameters for interchangeable lettering and can accommodate custom logos, providing versatile marking solutions.

According to the company, Quick knurling and marking tools deliver absolute precision and superior surface quality, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Industries that benefit from these tools include medical and dental instrument manufacturing, watchmaking, fishing gear production, and the creation of windshield wiper shafts, barbells, screwdriver bits, fittings, connectors, as well as welding and cutting equipment.

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