Morris Midwest share the key to great service, support, and preventative maintenance

How important is service and support for your manufacturing business? Tony Gunn of MTDCNC talks to Duane Fischer and Dave Kedzierski of Morris Midwest to understand what they do differently in addition to installation, training, break fix scenarios, and turnkey solutions. What makes them stand out is their next level engagement, including their productivity specialists who connect with customers to understand their specific needs and solve their problems. Dave talks about preventive maintenance and the importance of catching things before they fail. Efficient preventative maintenance allows for less downtime in addition to planning for repairs, and this supports customers to help them continue running at peak potential. Hear more from Duane and Dave on business continuity through great service that extends beyond installation and training. If you’re looking for new products, connecting with manufacturers, and strengthening relationships, don’t miss this year’s Morris Madness happening in March!

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