Morris Midwest explain turnkey processes and lifetime product support for customers

Turnkey is a buzz word in today’s machining industry, but there’s a lot that goes into the whole process. Joined by Tony of MTDCNC, Keith and Andrew of Morris Midwest help us understand the details behind turnkey and how they develop processes that suit customer specifications. From taking notes to looking at parts and figuring out machines, Morris Midwest work with their partners and vendors to find a solution that offers ultimate success and profitability for their customers. Keith talks about process execution from initial concept to reality, including working with customers to analyse machines, parts, tooling, workholding, quantities, cycle times, and other requirements. Morris Midwest have the expertise and collective mindset to offer new machine turnkey projects and applications engineering paid support, in addition to support for customers for the life of the product! If you’re interested in turnkey, automation, and meeting with some amazing technology vendors, don’t miss this year’s Morris Madness happening in March.

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