Jergens Expands Modular Quick-Change Workholding and Automation Solutions at IMTS 2024

Jergens is excited to present its expanded range of modular quick-change workholding solutions and enhanced automation capabilities at IMTS 2024. Featured products include the company’s advanced five-axis vises and top tooling, cast iron tooling columns, Zero Point System (ZPS), low profile clamping, and Quick-Loc (QL Combo) pallets.

In addition to showcasing its standard offerings, Jergens is introducing its Custom Design & Build (CD&B) capabilities. This initiative leverages the company’s extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing quick-change workholding systems. The CD&B approach focuses on creating solutions tailored to the specific needs of both the part and the machining platform, using standard workholding as a foundation. This method aims to shorten time to market and boost manufacturing productivity through efficient quick-change products.

Jergens is also highlighting its expanded automation product lineup designed for unmanned and lights-out manufacturing. These offerings include a machine washdown tool, ZPS, a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic devices, and a custom spindle gripper for first-level automation without the need for a robot.

A key innovation is the MT-S spindle gripper, which enhances continuous machining cycles by picking and placing finished components into a temporary part loading tray within the machining area. The MT-S is stored in the tool magazine and activated at the end of each cycle, allowing uninterrupted machining until the tray is full. The MT-S spindle gripper provides several advantages, including no additional floor space requirement, lower initial investment compared to robotics, and quick training without extensive programming.

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