Here’s how to use the automated finishing table from Timesavers!

MTDCNC is at the IFW 2022 in Atlanta where Eric Hulen meets Ford Boone from Timesavers, an experienced woodworking and metal working system manufacturer. Ford talks us through an automated finishing table meant to finish either flat parts like cabinet drawers and door faces or contoured products like chair backs and surf boards. Simple to program and user-friendly, the machine comes with live load monitoring and a built-in pneumatic compliance in the sanding head. It works by taking up imperfections in the wood, and if the robot programming isn’t perfect, it can make up for it! Best suited for the market of lower volume high mix parts, the automated finishing table is also great for quick robot setups and consistent finishing touches on small batches. If you’re looking for easy to use woodworking, get in touch with Ford from Timesavers!

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