Exclusive First Look: FANUC’s Game-Changing Automation Cell at EMO 2023! #EMO2023

Dive deep into the future of automation at EMO 2023 with FANUC’s groundbreaking system.

Joe Reynolds from MTDCNC gets an exclusive insight from Patrick Schmieder of FANUC Europe GmbH, revealing the newest in high-reliability automation tech.

We explore the intricate production of a front end of a compressor, experience the new high-speed DDR table, and marvel at the complete automation system from raw billet to finished part – no human intervention needed.

Get a firsthand look at FANUC’s all-in-one solution, designed especially for the automotive industry but adaptable for various needs.

Patrick emphasises the system’s capacity for lights-out machining, 100% part control, and seamless scalability. Also, with the integrated Equator, parts undergo strict quality checks ensuring only top-grade results.

Want to explore more about this revolutionary automation tech? Visit www.fanuc.eu or catch them at EMO 2023 this week.

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