Discover the Future of Aerospace Machining with FANUC ROBOCUT a-C600iC | EMO 2023 Exclusive

Ever wondered how advanced machines are revolutionising the aerospace industry? Join MTDCNC’s Joe Reynolds as he explores the cutting-edge capabilities of FANUC’s ROBOCUT α-C600iC Wire EDM machine.

In this exclusive video, Joe talks to Stefan Raff, the Head of Sales for ROBOCUT and ROBODRILL Europe at FANUC Europe GmbH. They dive into the intricacies of FANUC’s middle-sized ROBOCUT machine and its incredible features.

Watch as the α-C600iC is demoed with an aerospace component and discover how its unique features make it the perfect fit for the industry. Also, witness the FANUC CRX-10iA/L cobot in action as it automates the machining process, promising an era of unmanned production.

Don’t miss the debut of FANUC’s largest wire EDM machine, the α-C800iC, showcased for the first time ever at EMO 2023. With an increased stroke and impressive specifications, this is the future of large-scale machining.

Stefan highlights FANUC’s cutting-edge technology that solves the aerospace industry’s “white layer problem” and introduces ROBOCUT-LINKi. This software shows the energy consumption in real-time, allowing for more cost-effective and sustainable production.

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