Ceratizit USA Showcases High-Performance Cutting Tools and Industry Solutions at IMTS 2024

Ceratizit USA is proud to present its latest high-performance cutting tools and industry solutions at IMTS 2024. As a leader in cutting tool technology, Ceratizit USA offers a comprehensive portfolio, technical expertise, and engineering support to both domestic and global customers.

At IMTS 2024, Ceratizit’s booth will reflect the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions, emphasizing its connection to a broader organization and leveraging the extensive resources available through its global network. Attendees can explore a diverse range of cutting tools, including those featured in Ceratizit’s upcoming catalog.

Scheduled for release on August 1, 2024, the new catalog will highlight a selection of metric and inch tools designed specifically for metalcutting production in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Among the featured products, Ceratizit will unveil a new end mill specialized for machining titanium and super alloys, demonstrating their dedication to innovation and meeting industry-specific needs.

A unique section of the Ceratizit booth is dedicated to showcasing a customer journey. This exhibit illustrates how VAC Motorsports manufactures billet block engines and other components for BMW racing enthusiasts using Ceratizit cutting tools. Additionally, a BMW race car owned and driven by Tony Salloum, a customer, manufacturer, and race car driver, will be on display, highlighting the practical applications and superior performance of Ceratizit tools in high-stakes environments.

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