A Lighthearted Video Behind the scenes at the BIEMH 2022

The MTDCNC team visits the ONA Headquarters then attend BIEMH 2022 in Bilbao! First stop, Colin, Fer, and Joe walk us through the magnificent facility to see how ONA is providing EDM solutions to clients. Specialist Richard Whiles talks about the great flexibility that ONA offers its customers. In terms of cost and size, ONA provides an array of machines from standard all the way up to high-end machines with the latest cutting-edge technology. Two great examples of their innovative products include a machine made longer and slimmer to reduce the footprint and meet customer requirements; and two machines being combined with a single robot that’s loading the electrodes. Colin also talks to Richard about the biggest twin-head EDM in the world that comes with a user-friendly intuitive control. Then on to BIEMH; Lots of machines, tech talk, food, wine and more! Catch Colin and the team go behind the scenes to see their experience of ONA and BIEMH 2022 and a quick look at the IRIS4 premium die sinking machine with Marius Petean from ONA, a world leader in EDM technology for aerospace.

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