The new M2 VMC from DMG MORI, see it first on MTDCNC

Double capacity but the same machining performance, the M2 from DMG MORI is built for rigidity, accuracy, and quality! Lyndsey and Paul of MTDCNC are at the DMG MORI Open House in Pfronten for the world premiere of the M2. This new machine from the range has 1100mm in the x, using a traveling column configuration. With a base casting weight of 3400 kilograms, the M2 helps minimise vibration when machining harder materials and taking deeper cuts, delivering better tool life and great surface finishes. Built with a modern, touch screen control, the M2 is a VMC fit for any kind of business. If you’re interested in doubling your capacity with superb performance, get in touch with DMG MORI.

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