DMG MORI’s DMU40 Plus world premiere at the Pfronten Open House 2023

With 7 world premieres at their Pfronten Open House, DMG MORI have some incredible technology to showcase! Paul Jones of MTDCNC joins Sascha Kugler of DMG MORI to discuss their newest product, the DMU40 Plus, a universal machine set to replace the DMU50 second generation. The DMU40 offers full 5-axis simultaneous machining and a massive working envelope with a traveling range of 550mm in the X, 450mm in the Y, and 420mm in the Z. The modular kit is available in 3 different versions that come with multiple options. Watch the video to find out more on DMG MORI’s PH150 automation solution and how the DMU40 offers more rigidity, accuracy, and improved machining conditions to manufacture parts.

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