European Premiere: Cut Costs with Sodick’s VN400Q | EMO 2023

Looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs without compromising quality? Dive into the European premiere of Sodick’s VN400Q wire EDM machine, unveiled at EMO 2023. Lyndsey Vickers from MTDCNC speaks with Conor Plaskitt from Sodi-Tech UK to discuss this game-changing technology. The VN400Q stands out with its promise of 20% savings on running costs and innovative linear motors. Its features are designed for the UK market, meeting the latest CA standards and showcasing an automatic door for ease of operation. Sodick maintains its prestigious reputation, blending high-end features with an aggressive price point. Curious about the future of manufacturing? Don’t miss out on what experts predict to be a best-seller over the next 12 months. Dive in now and discover the revolution of cost-saving in the EDM world. #SodickVN400Q #EMO2023 #CostSavingEDM

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