REGO-FIX showcase game-changing toolholders and automation at EMO 2023.

Excellent runout, high vibration dampening, and fully automated technology – REGO-FIX at EMO 2023 have a lot to offer. Tune in to an exclusive REGO-FIX stand walk as Tom Skubala of MTDCNC and Pascal Forrer of REGO-FIX discuss the amazing technology on display. With their two-button PowR Grip system that offers enhanced tool life and transferable torque to the ForceMaster pull-force tester for spindle measurements, REGO-FIX are a full-service provider to make sure toolholders are working perfectly. Watch the video for a closer look at cost-effective solutions like the extended length toolholder, the patented TORCO-BLOCK that prevents over torquing, and the affordable reCool coolant-through system that you can retrofit to any machine in under two minutes!

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