REGO-FIX at EMO 2023: Checking the clamping forces on your spindle has never been this easy.

It’s normal for your spindle to lose some clamping force over time – and that means you could end up with surface finishing problems, chatter, and excessive tool wear. Fortunately, the REGO-FIX ForceMaster is an excellent pull-force tester to give you a starting point and have your machine up and running in the right direction. At EMO 2023, Tom Skubala of MTDCNC and Pascal Forrer of REGO-FIX discuss the new ForceMaster metrology setup that allows you to measure the retraction force of your spindle in real time. Watch the video to find out more about this easy-to-use two-button system that lets you set up different parameters for different types of machines and measure precise clamping force for maximum process reliability.

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