How LNS is Modernising Machine Tools Through Digitalisation | EMO 2023

Ever found yourself questioning how to improve your machining process? We talked to Carlos Muniz from LNS at EMO Hannover 2023 to explore this. The conversation revolves around how LNS is using digitalisation to make machine tools more efficient and easier to manage.

The chat covers LNS’s efforts to improve communication between machines and people, as well as between different machines. Carlos also discusses new software tools that can help with invoices and warranties, and even air filtration systems.

Understanding the power of digitalisation could genuinely improve your operational efficiency. LNS is focusing on things like reducing material waste and providing timely notifications to keep your machines running smoothly.

One of the interesting points Carlos raises is about real-time notifications. Imagine not having to check on your machines constantly; instead, you get instant alerts for issues like bar feed problems or material shortages.

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