Transform Your Workshop! Ibarmia ZVH: The Ultimate Flexible Machining Centre | EMO 2023

Struggling with machine adaptability? Join Rowan Easter-Robinson from MTDCNC as he dives deep into the world of Ibarmia at EMO 2023. In this exclusive chat with Ignacio Mera from Ibarmia, discover the wonders of the Ibarmia ZVH, a moving column machining centre unlike any other. If you’ve ever faced the dilemma of changing jobs and being stuck with an unfit machine, the Ibarmia ZVH is your solution. With its remarkable flexibility, it can adapt to new jobs, saving time, money, and workshop space. Ibarmia’s unique selling point? They believe in allowing customers to “make their own machine”, showcasing unmatched modularity. From horizontal machining, vertical turning lathe to five-axis machining, Ibarmia ZVH has got you covered. Don’t just take our word for it; watch and see the machine’s power and ergonomic design, optimised for operator comfort. Ready to elevate your machining game? Dive in now and see why 70% of Ibarmia machines are customised for users like you. #IbarmiaZVH #MTDCNC #MachiningCentre #EMO2023 #FlexibleMachining

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