Unlocking Workshop Efficiency with Gühring’s Customisable Vending Solutions | EMO 2023

Ever found yourself on the shop floor, hunting for that specific tool you need to finish a job, only to discover it’s missing or out of stock? Imagine a world where this hassle is a thing of the past.

In our latest visit to EMO 2023 in Hannover, we had an insightful chat with Marcello Mintrone from Gühring about their innovative vending solutions that aim to enhance workshop efficiency.

This video covers the unique vending machines offered by Gühring, with a special focus on their unparalleled customisability. Whether it’s tool variety, drawer size, or ease of access, these vending solutions offer something for everyone in precision engineering.

What sets Gühring’s vending machines apart is their focus on customisability and the accompanying software. This hardware-software combo enables you to manage not just your tools but your entire shop logistics, from material invoices to employee access control.

One key feature is the software’s access control mechanism. It ensures only authorised personnel can access tools, which is critical in a busy workshop environment. Moreover, the software is entirely developed in-house, providing greater flexibility to customise according to your specific needs.

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