Next-Level Automation: How Automatic Guided Vehicles Transform Flexibility in GROB Machining Centres

Are you struggling to keep up with ever-changing manufacturing demands? In this video, we explore GROB’s innovative solution: Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) feeding material to their machine tools.

Join Lyndsey Vickers and Tobias Trautmann at EMO 2023 as they discuss how this next-level automation not only increases operational flexibility but addresses skill gaps and labour shortages as well. The AGV is the Swiss Army knife of the manufacturing floor, capable of everything from material transport to emptying chip conveyors—saving you valuable time and costs.

What sets this automation apart is its adaptability. You can start small, simply using the AGV for loading and unloading, and later expand its functions to meet your unique production needs. We’ll get into specifics like how the AGV intelligently manages tooling requirements and what its introduction means for the future of precision engineering.

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