Speed, efficiency, and unattended running with the compact Brother M200X3 from Whitehouse Machine Tools

There’s only one word for this Brother SPEEDIO machine from Whitehouse Machine Tools – impressive! Designed for automation and unattended running, the M200X3 delivers 80% energy efficiency, 30% faster cycle time, and 3-shift continuous running facilitated by the FEEDIO machine. Lyndsey Vickers of MTDCNC and Peter Smith of Whitehouse Machine Tools discuss the multitude of amazing benefits from a compact machine that offers productivity through the roof. A 16,000 RPM spindle, 0.7 seconds tool change time, and full simultaneous 5-axis mill-turn capabilities make it one of the most productive machines on the market at a competitive price. If you want to get the most margins out of every square metre, check out this fantastic Brother machine from Whitehouse Machine Tools![ID4418894898]

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