Increased productivity, reduced cycle times – how?

Jon Littlechild of Shearline Precision Engineering talks about their investment in a new SR-20 lathe from STAR GB. Replacing two older lathes the SR-20 has allowed the subcontractor to reduce cycle times and become more competitive, getting more components produced quicker. Jon emphasizes the reliability of STAR GB machines, including the SR-20 having a fire suppression system that allows the business to run lights out. Dan Holland acknowledges massive time savings with their new investment, where a few seconds saved on batches equates to several hours saved per run. Tom Newport shares his perspective as an apprentice, where he believes the SR-20 is as simple as “put the bar in and press go.” As an engineering subcontractor, Shearline Precision Engineering invest in the latest technology to manufacture products for customers in science, medical, aerospace, defence, packaging and other industries.

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