Xtended Hydraulics & Machine move into automation with Acieta’s robotic welder

How has an automation welding cell helped Xtended Hydraulics & Machine create success in a shorter amount of time? Joined by Tony of MTDCNC, Robert Tebb of Xtended Hydraulics & Machine talks about the natural progression into automation and being able to service mines in Sasketchewan in a competitive market. Standing in front of their first automation cell from Acieta, Robert shares more on the service, support, and training from Acieta that offered a practical experience for Xtended Hydraulics & Machine to create more jobs, build more, and compete globally. Hear more from Robert on completing a job quoted for 2 months in 2 weeks with their first robotic welder from Acieta, and the benefits of flexibility, efficiency, and easy programming through the power of automation.

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