Would you sell your house to open a machine shop?

If you’re thinking about opening a machine shop, go do it now! Because after hearing the inspirational story of Kristofer Tyler from KPT Precision – you’ll wish you started sooner. Join MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn for an exclusive factory tour of KPT Precision, a Canadian machining facility that has incredible relationships with companies like Aeroex Technologies and Ferro Technique. Starting with 4 machines and a 2,500-square-foot unit in 2007, KPT Precision has continuously grown to now include 15 machines within 10,000 square feet of space! Kristofer shares the success of his company, including his team of young, energetic, and talented people and his investments in maintenance-free technology like high-precision DN Solutions machines and Aeroex filtration systems. Tune in to find out more about KPT Precision’s breathable machine shop and their consistent growth in manufacturing complex components and materials to tight tolerances.

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