WIM – the largest organization supporting Women In Manufacturing

With over 18,000 individual members and 2,000 companies embracing this community, WIM is a national association supporting, promoting, and inspiring Women In Manufacturing. MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn gets to meet the famous JoAnn Mitchell of Mitchell Management and Consulting – born and raised in manufacturing and with 4 decades of industry experience. In charge of the WIM Education Foundation board, JoAnn shares the importance of women as an “untapped resource” and their involvement in manufacturing at all levels from accounting and finance through to engineering and robot interface specialists! Hear more from JoAnn on building a rewarding career while making products that impact lives. And remember, “the machine tool we’re standing next to doesn’t care if you’re male or female.” There’s a career for everyone in manufacturing, and it’s probably in your backyard!

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