Unlocking 24/7 Productivity: 50 Years of LNS Bar Feeders | EMO 2023

Ever wondered how to maximise your machine’s uptime? Look no further! In this exclusive video, Rowan Easter-Robinson from MTDCNC sits down with Gilbert Lile from LNS, the pioneers in bar feeders with a 50-year legacy. We discuss LNS’s incredible journey from a small Swiss workshop to becoming a global leader in bar feeders, chip conveyors, and air filtration systems. Get insights on why LNS products are essential tools for automating manufacturing and skyrocketing productivity, rather than just being an afterthought. What sets this video apart? It’s not just about bar feeders; it’s about understanding the full scope of machine tool peripherals and their impact on your bottom line. Particularly, Gilbert dives deep into the importance of their integrated filtration systems and how it ramps up your machine’s performance. Don’t just listen to us, take action! If you’re seeking to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing setup, LNS’s extensive range and worldwide service network have got you covered. Click the ‘Subscribe’ button for more industry insights and stay ahead of the curve! #MTDCNC #LNS #BarFeeders #Productivity #MachineTools #ManufacturingEfficiency #EMO2023

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