Unleashing Clean Air in Machine Shops:

Ever wondered how clean air can transform your machine shop’s efficiency and employee satisfaction? Dive in to find out!

Join MTDCNC North America’s Tony Gunn and Chloe Bique from AEROEX Technologies, the pioneers in advanced air filtration for machine shops.

Discover the genius behind AEROEX’s unique progressive filtration system, the real-world impact with GRIMSMO KNIVES achieving a whopping 50% reduction in thermal expansion on their Nakamura, and the undeniable link between clean air, health benefits, and a thriving workspace.

AEROEX stands alone in the market, offering custom bases tailored for each customer, ensuring an unmatched level of compatibility and efficiency.

One pressing concern in the industry is the labor shortage. Chloe sheds light on a potential solution—improving shop conditions. With AEROEX, not only do you get cleaner air, but you also make your workspace more appealing to potential high-quality employees.

Don’t let your machine shop lag behind. Enhance your workspace with AEROEX Technologies and breathe the difference!

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