Unattended machining with YASDA and the YBMvi50 world premiere at JIMTOF

Join Tony of MTDCNC and Kevin of Methods Machine Tools as they visit the YASDA booth at JIMTOF. With a wide variety of machines designed for the mould and die market, YASDA showcased the 3-axis YBM 640V with a big plus 40-taper spindle and 24,000 RPM, and the 5-axis YMC 650, a high-speed 40,000 RPM HSK-E32 sub-micron level machine with a full 5-axis YASDA-built integrated rotary table. But the star of the show was the world premiere YBM Vi50, designed for larger parts on the machine but with the same accuracy that YASDA is known for. Kevin talks about the importance of pallet change and automation with the PX30i, YASDA’s automation solution with 33 pallets, a 323-position tool changer that can be upgraded to 513 tools, through spindle coolant, mist collector, coolant chiller, and YASDA’s micron-level accuracy! Watch the video to find out what YASDA’s doing to give you everything you need for unattended machining.

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