Ultimate Productivity Hack! GRIMSMO KNIVES’.

Ever wondered how to keep your CNC machine tools ultra-productive while maintaining the utmost cleanliness? Tony Gunn from MTDCNC North America dives deep with the talented John Grimsmo of GRIMSMO KNIVES to unveil the secret: the AEROEX BlowBox! 🚀

This isn’t just another machine tool video; get ready to unveil a ground breaking method to clean your parts while keeping your machines running!

Join us as we explore John Grimsmo’s workshop and his commitment to efficiency and cleanliness in his machining process.

Learn about a remarkable solution that lets you blow off coolant and chips, ensuring your machines stay productive and earning money.

It’s not just the mechanics; it’s about the precision. Experience a cleaning solution with a HEPA filter, capturing even the tiniest particles.

Ever thought of a system where coolant evaporates and you’re left with spotlessly clean parts? This video has got you covered.

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