Tooling 2000 invest in Hexagon Production Software

Tooling 2000 required a basic platform that covered everything from the concept to delivery of produced parts, Hexagon Production Software has helped them achieve this synergy. Gary Williams from Tooling 2000 talks about their partnership with Hexagon for complicated parts and how Hexagon Production Software offers several advantages, including offline programming. Marcus Gardner from Hexagon explains their different CMM solutions and the inspection equipment used by Tooling 2000, including VISI software and NCSIMUL, a CNC simulation software for G-code verification and toolpath optimization. Because Hexagon’s software and hardware are linked via plug and play, this provides a seamless integration for products on the shop floor. Phillip Smith from Hexagon elaborates on how their products work in harmony to deliver accurate lead times, reverse engineering capabilities, and the ability to repeatedly check manufactured production parts. Watch the video for a closer look into Hexagon’s exceptional solutions used by Tooling 2000 and how Hexagon’s products are helping them diversify into other markets with confidence.

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