This is how Xtended Hydraulics and Machine compete globally and support 80% of underground mines in Saskatchewan!

Based in Saskatchewan Canada, Xtended Hydraulics and Machine are world leaders in position-sensing technology and hydraulic cylinders within the mining industry. So why do they continue to invest in technology, people, and the community? Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Robert Tebb of Xtended Hydraulics and Machine discuss the company’s ability to compete globally and their investments in technology from companies like Mazak and Acieta, ultimately enabling continuous growth and success. Join the exciting conversation to learn about the significance of potash mining to support better crop yield for the rapidly increasing population, Xtended’s game-changing patented new product for the oil and gas market, and how they’ve become leaders with their supply of hydraulic cylinders to 80% of underground mines in Saskatchewan!

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