This filtration system offers reduced downtime and increased efficiency!

Proper filtration is a small price to pay for added value to your machine shop. Luckily, Mist-Fit mist collectors from Aeroex Technologies make the job easier with quick installation and almost non-existent maintenance! Join MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn in an insightful discussion with Elliot Matsuura’s Riccardo Derosa to learn about the flexibility and ease of use of Aeroex filtration units installed at Elliot Matsuura. With a maintenance cycle of up to 5 years or more, Aeroex Mist-Fit offers increased efficiency for your machine shop along with improved customizability for all kinds of machine tools – including this beautiful blue Matsuura machine from Elliot Matsuura! Watch the video to learn more about the excellent partnership between Elliot Matsuura and Aeroex Technologies and find out how you can benefit from greater productivity on the shop floor.

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