The feature-packed Chester Hawk TC-200ML lathe offers stability, rigidity, and automation capabilities

Giovanni Albanese and Brian Mosley review the Chester Hawk TC-200ML CNC lathe that was launched this year at MACH 2022. If you missed our live event at MACH, here’s your chance to find out more about this incredible range from Chester Machine Tools. The TC-200ML has seen great sales within a short period of time and more orders coming in. Brian talks about the product’s casting rigidity that offers a 45-degree one-piece slant bed casting to give maximum stability and accuracy. There are over 20 models in the range from 150mm all the way to 450mm chuck sizes. Adopting a pneumatic operation, the TC-200ML is built keeping in mind increased automation requirements for customers. The machine offers a longer bed length and live tooling features with a 12-station BMT55 turret for extended tool life. With swarf management, hydraulic part capture, and easy FANUC control, the TC-200ML has a lot to offer. For more details on upcoming Open Days in September, watch the full video.

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