Sensory Clamping Devices Identify Defects Prior to Machining

Roemheld North America announces new sensory clamping devices developed by Roemheld GmbH in partnership with August Wenzler Maschinenbau. Sensor clamping technology detects defective blanks and monitors production.

Roemheld developed a digital clamping technology that combines electromechanical design with sensor-equipped hydraulic clamping devices. It reportedly enables clamping devices to identify casting defects and contour fluctuations in the raw part. This enables the operator to reject a faulty cast aluminum blank before any machining begins. Information is also provided on whether the workpiece has been inserted correctly, whether the clamping position and clamping pressure are correct and whether the required clamping and support forces are being achieved.

Features and benefits of sensory clamping device include equipped swing clamps with sensors to detect the condition of structural blanks made of cast aluminum. Additionally, it features continuous monitoring of machining from loading and unloading, and it detects insertion errors and continuously provides information about the clamping position and clamping force on the component during machining. Roemheld’s sensory clamping devices are currently available.


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