Revolutionize Your Production | Aluminum Framing

Are you tired of costly production setbacks and quality issues in your manufacturing process? Join Tony Gunn from MTDCNC as he delves into the game-changing AngleLock™ Extruded Aluminum Framing Technology with Frank Oetlinger from Controlled Dynamics Inc.

Discover how Controlled Dynamics, based in Grafton, WI, has transformed industries by simplifying complex assembly processes. Learn about their unique AngleLock™ technology and how it has saved companies substantial time and money.

In this insightful conversation, you’ll explore real-world examples, including how Walt Disney Studios utilized this innovation to renovate their complex in Burbank, California, and why major corporations like Snap-on Corporation trust this solution for their needs.

The AngleLock™ system isn’t just about tightening bolts; it’s about long-term predictability, ensuring your critical parts stay in place, and eliminating the need for costly recalls.

Ready to unlock new possibilities for your manufacturing process? Watch the video, and don’t miss the chance to discover the future of assembly technology.

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