Muffett Engineering Solutions invest in Kellenberger 100 from DF Precision Machinery

Muffett Engineering Solutions improve throughput, capacity, and the ability to run unmanned with the Kellenberger 100 from DF Precision Machinery. However, what led Muffett Engineering Solutions to invest in this universal grinding machine? Tom Skubala of MTDCNC interviews Mark and Theo of Muffett Engineering Solutions to understand the extent of research behind their decision and how they were able to run 14 hours with no labor. Looking for automation capabilities and reduced operations, Muffett Engineering Solutions visited several Kellenberger end users and went through manufacturing trials on parts. With excellent training from Kellenberger in Switzerland and learning how to physically operate the machine within a week, Muffett Engineering Solutions were able to automate grinding of parts within a single operation. Find out more from Mark and Theo on the challenges they overcame with their new Kellenberger machine.

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