Massive Growth at IQ Manufacturing

MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn visits IQ Manufacturing in Michigan to find out about their massive growth, and when I say massive I mean MASSIVE. The company has only be going 7 years but 5 of those years have seen an amazing 100% growth. Of the two years it didn’t hit 100% one was during the Covid pandemic the other when they moved into their new 30,000 square foot factory, a huge capital investment. Co-Owner Chris Braniecki a 4th generation machine rat (his words not mine) explains the companies philosophy. With a range of CNC machines as diverse as Hurco, HAAS. Mitsubishi & OKK including full 5 axis, & cutting materials from foam to titanium for 135 different customers in a wide range of market sectors IQ are a go-ahead company not afraid of a new challenge. With a predominately young work force Chris likes to employ gamers who it turns out are great at creative problem solving and can be taught to run a machine quite easily. Chris sees investment in automation & software as the future growth for the next 5 to 10 years and hopes IQ will have outgrown their current factory by then. IQ Manufacturing a great American success story.

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