LMW CNC Lathes & Machining Centres Made in India

Formed in 1962 LMW is now one of the largest textile machinery manufacturers in the world, but in those early years they struggled to get the parts needed to keep pace with production. So LMW decided to manufacture their own parts on their own machines. In 1988 LMW collaborated with Mori Seiki Co Ltd in Japan to replicate their factory and produce world class CNC machines in India (the first of it’s kind) to produce parts for their textile machines. As Mr Gowrishanker, Senior General Manager Marketing explains to MTDCNC’s Ashutosh Arora as as time passed and production demands grew there became a demand for their machines from other manufacturers. LMW now produce a range of over 55 different models of CNC lathes and machining centres with 88 different variants. With over 14,000 lathes and machining centres installed at customers throughout India LMW occupies a special place in the country for a high quality product at a very competitive price, backed up by excellent service and technical support.

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