From a garage to facilities across the US & Mexico, this is Precision Group’s success story!

Tony Gunn and Ana Fernanda-Melendez of MTDCNC are at the Precision Group Facility in San Antonio Texas to share the incredible story behind the renowned business and its unbelievable growth. Owners Maya Roiberg and Naum Roiberg came to the US as refugees from Ukraine and started their business in a garage. Today, they’ve grown to a 22,000 square foot building in San Antonio and facilities in 3 other locations across the US and Mexico, including La Feria, Reynosa, and Monterrey. From concept to development to engineering, Precision Group’s intelligent approach to designing moulds and producing turnkey solutions has helped them deliver exceptional quality for customers. With a team-focused philosophy, they’re able to deliver tooling, engineering, moulding, and assembly all within each facility, allowing them to ship complete and unique solutions to customers. We hear the experiences of product managers and leaders at Precision Group, who testify the company’s amazing culture, growth opportunities, and immense support from the owners. MTDCNC also had a chance to speak to Precision Group’s customers, who shared their unwavering confidence and satisfaction with the company’s quality, support, and personal investment in building and maintaining relationships. The story of Precision Group shows us what hard work, perseverance, and customer support can do for your business. If you want some manufacturing inspiration, check out their story!

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