Danobat Strengthens Its Position in the U.S. Rail Market with Strategic Acquisition of Delta Wheel Truing Solutions

Danobat, a leader in advanced manufacturing solutions, has acquired Delta Wheel Truing Solutions, enhancing its presence in the North American rail sector. The acquisition was finalized at Delta’s headquarters in Escanaba, Michigan. This strategic move allows Danobat to offer in-situ wheel profiling maintenance, which has been lacking in North America. Delta’s expertise in rail wheel re-profiling equipment and several patented systems will support Danobat’s growth in the U.S. market.

“This acquisition positions us as a key player in the North American rail sector,” said Oskar Uria, Director of the Railway Business Unit at Danobat. Delta’s local manufacturing capacity, combined with Danobat’s technological advancements, will enable the company to provide tailored products and direct services to U.S. customers.

Delta, with extensive experience in rail wheel re-profiling equipment, complements Danobat’s existing solutions, including underfloor wheel lathes for locomotives and freight trains. This collaboration enhances Danobat’s strategic investments, including their new 12,000 square meter plant in Elgoibar, and strengthens their market position alongside Central Europe and China.

Jean R. Ross of Delta added, “This cooperation with Danobat allows us to expand our product range and better serve the U.S. railway industry.”

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