Combine multiple operations into one with Okuma’s powerful MULTUS B250II

If you’re looking for true multitasking and automation capabilities, this Okuma machine might be the perfect solution! Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Craig Mainzinger of Okuma discuss the amazing technology suitable for angular milling with a flexible rotating head. With 16 horsepower and a 12,000 RPM true milling spindle, the MULTUS B250II offers reliable milling with options for either 3+2 machining or full 5-axis capability on both sides. The model comes with a 60-tool changer with Okuma’s other multitasking machines going up to hundreds of tools! Easily integrated with most automation solutions, the MULTUS B250II has some powerful features that support unattended running, increased machine utilization, and fewer setups.

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