Breathing Clean with AEROEX Mist-Fit: GRIMSMO KNIVES Revolutionizes Precision!

MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn teams up with John Grimsmo from GRIMSMO KNIVES for a deep dive into the AEROEX Mist Collectors.

Why are they game-changers? Not only does it prioritize the health and safety of the staff by cleaning the air, but it also elevates precision in machining parts.

After facing thermal growth issues, John discovered that AEROEX mist collectors solved the problem by consistently drawing in cool air.

With a whopping 5-year maintenance gap and minimal filter changes, these devices are redefining efficiency.

But that’s not all! John collaborated with AEROEX to innovate the ‘BlowBox’ – a genius extraction solution for cleaning parts post-machining while keeping the machines profitably running.

Dive in to discover the magic behind AEROEX and hear insights from the self-taught CNC machinist and YouTube sensation, John Grimsmo, and his growth journey with GRIMSMO KNIVES.

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