Apprenticeships in Engineering: Exploring the Future with Keegan at DMG MORI!

Ever thought about diving into the world of engineering and manufacturing? Tony Gunn from MTDCNC chats with up-and-coming graduate Keegan Wensley at DMG MORI’s exclusive open house in Chicago. They delve into the exciting world of apprenticeships, showcasing the vast opportunities that await new entrants.

Get a glimpse into the cutting-edge tech that awaits apprentices in engineering and understand that the engineering sector isn’t just about machining; it offers diverse roles from sales to production management.

Get inspired by Keegan’s journey and learn how the industry is so much more than just manufacturing. If you’re considering a career shift or just starting out, this is a MUST-WATCH!

Eager to join the engineering world? Dive deeper, explore apprenticeships, and be part of the future of manufacturing. – Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more insights into the engineering world.

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